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sh-sh-shark calm is a unique academic assistance service that offers a simple and convenient platform for collaboration between the customer and the writer as the shark comm allows our customers and writers to continuously work towards the final product communicating directly in chat with no third-party or support team been involved into this communication to show you how easy it is to get academic assistance with SHR comm we have created this short video that will guide you through all steps of making an order and having it completed first step towards get an academic assistance from our professional writers is submitting the short order form for them to check the structure of the form allows you to clarify such important requirements for your order as the type of paper needed the actual title for the paper the number of pages along with the deadline when you need it to be completed here you can choose the deadline by which all of the writers interested in your order will have to place their bids and start working on the first page of your order next you select one of the three basic types of service which are writing from scratch rewriting or editing depending on what stage you are add in completing your academic assignment next you submit the actual instructions for the paper select the formatting style and are able to upload any additional materials for the writer now the tour through with the order you’re able to save it and publish for writers to check your instructions at this stage your order is published and you should simply wait some time for writers to check your instructions and place their bid for your order once writers start applying to your order you can chat with each one of them and discuss their suggestions for the paper here you can chat with the writers and discuss their suggestions while in the main window you can see their actual progress on completing your paper you also have a chance to get acquainted with each writers approach to working on your paper by watching them live complete the first page of your order free of charge if you would like to reject a bit from a certain writer you can do so simply by clicking on the corresponding button and the writer will be notified that he can stop further progress on the order as per customer’s request you are also able to check each writers profiles and see their previously completed orders along with the customers ratings and comments from each customer regarding how nicely this writer cooperated on the order completion once you are ready to settle with a particular writer who you find best suited for your order you’re able to make the payment and this writer will continue working on your order while you’re depositing the payment for the whole order at once you’re actually able to split the payment for the writer into several installments in this case you’re paying the writer per each five pages as he progresses on your work in the chat window you’re able to constantly chat with the writer directly and to discuss any working questions while he progresses on the order through this convenient order page you constantly stay updated with writers progress on your order this way you’re constantly engaged into the process of writing and are able to closely cooperate with the writer towards the final product finally your paper is completed and you have a chance to thank your writer rate his work and share your feedback with other customers our writers do you have a chance to rate customers level of cooperation towards orders completion this way we ensure that both writers and customers ratings are transparent and fair with SHR comm get an academic assistance is as exciting and engaging as it can possibly get thank you for watching this video to learn more please visit our website